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Trekking -Namib Desert Combo

Fang nuet og fød sjælen med Afrikas eventyr. Trek Namib ørkenen og gå hvor kun få andre har vandret. Se tusindårige bushmans paintings, se savanne dyrene, Walvis bugten, tag på Havkajak og besøg Cape Fur Seals. 15 dage med 12 dage på destinationen. Alt inkl. Afrejse efter aftale med min. 2 personer.

Trekking -Namib Desert Combo. 15 dage. Namibia

Trekking -Namib Desert Combo. 15 dage. Namibia

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Namib Desert, Safari, Hulemalerier, Bushmans village, Walvis Bay

Day 1: 

Arrive at Hosea Kutako International Airport and will be transferred to Windhoek to a Guesthouse. 

Day 2: 

Depart early from Windhoek to the Namib Naukluft Park, one of the largest natural parks that Namibia has to offer. Will reach the park before lunchtime. After lunch, go for a hike on the Olive Trail. Will need 4 and half to 5 hours to do the hike. It is quite challenging, some rock hopping and the famous “chains” that you will have to conquer. A circular trail that starts with a climb to the top of a small plateau with a magnificent view, where you then climb down into a gorge, which you follow for most of the way. Then towards the end, after the chains, you join on a rough 4x4 track that leads you back to the car park where you started. Quiver tress as well as Euphorbia can be seen in the gorge. Terrain gets quite difficult once in the gorge where you have to climb onto and over a few large boulders and towards the end, there is quite a tricky bit involving a chain. A beautiful but exciting hike 

Day 3: 

After breakfast start the Waterkloof Trail. If you start from the camping site, it is around 20 km and you will need around 8 hours to complete it. This is a circular self-guided trail situated in the Naukluft Park. The start and end is at the office. You then will be walking upstream in the Naukluft River through some beautiful gorges, often filled with rock pools after the rains (Which are few and far between). You have the great scenery around you and with luck you will be seeing some wildlife. Klipspringer, Mountain Zebra and a variety of birdlife and flora can be seen on this hike. This hike is in general easier than that of the Olive Trail, but the distance and a steep climb or two can make this one more challenging. 

Day 4:

Leaving the mountains behind us and we go to the Namib Desert. In the afternoon, a short hike in the Sesriem Canyon. 

Day 5:

Starting at dawn to enjoy the spectacle of the dunes that change color from red to pink to ocher. The oldest dunes are those of a more intense reddish color. These dunes are among the highest in the world. Many of them are above 200 meters in high and the highest being the one nicknamed Big Daddy, is about 380 meters high above the pan. 

 Day 6: 

This day we dedicate to the different landscapes of the Namib. Will visit the oldest Welwitchia Mirabilis plant and see a lot of them on our way. A stop at the amazing Moon landscape, one of the most photographed landscapes of this strange country. 

Day 7: 

In the morning transfer to Walvis Bay, where we will be going out on a Marine Kayak Tour that specializes in tours to Pelican Point. Visiting the Cape Fur Seal colony, if luck is on our side accompanied by dolphins, pelicans, cormorants and other friendly marine and birdlife. The afternoon can spend in Swakopmund to stroll around and explore this forgotten German City in Namibia. 

Day 8: 

After breakfast, the “Namibian Crocodile Dandy” Chris will show you all the animals that live under the Namib Desert sand that he can find that morning. After lunch we then depart to Ameib Ranch. If there is time in the afternoon you are welcome to walk a bit. 

Day 9: 

In the morning hike and explore the Bull’s Party and Phillips Cave paintings – Bushman paintings. It is not a strenuous walk. Relax and explore. 

 Day 10: 

We will leave the rolling boulders of Bull Party behind us and on the way to Omaruru visit the Bushman, which ancestors are responsible for all the beautiful paintings that you have seen. Our destination the Etosha National Park we will reach in the afternoon. 

Day 11: 

Etosha National Park 

 Day 12: 

Drive back to Windhoek, to reach late afternoon. Overnight in Bed and Breakfast 

Day 13: 

Depart to Denmark, Sweden or Norway.

Day 14:

Arriving in Denmark


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